Large Scary Nasal Hair

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Song Title Length  
The Power Of Prayer 6'17 info | download
Sad Fat Bloater 3'41 info | download
You Play The Guitar Like John Major 2'15 info | download
The Ballad Of Jimi Hendrix 0'09 info | download
Wild Stick 0'39 info | download
Fishheads 3'26 info | download
Why We Need A Moderator 4'53 info | download
Steenkin' Bandito's 5'43 info | download
Steenkin' Bandito's (radio remix) 5'20 info | download
Serious Jazz 9'58 info | download
Inflate Kylie 3'21 info | download
Little Jeff 6'11 info | download
Alex Remembers To Play The Guitar 3'54 info | download

Engineered by Mix Master El Bastardos Rock Star
1-8 Digitally remastered by El Bastardos Rock Star
8-13 Digitally remastered by El Bastardos 'Holiday Inn' May

The high frequency hissing you can hear on tracks 8-13 has
been painstakingly added using a highly complex digital process
and was done for two reasons:

1) It makes it sound FRESH in the 21st century
2) It really annoys people with good speakers

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(c)1993 Eye Bent Grape Spasm - All rights reserved
These tracks may be freely distributed as long as they are credited to the EBGS