The Eye Bent Grape Spasm

From the band

"I only hope that world leaders across the globe notice in time..."
Meester Wheeepy - 05 March 2003

"They need to capture this in a plastic bag and kill it by beating it until it stops moving to the accompaniment of a mexican street trumpet band. You will know when it's dead as it will stop moving and look rather like bloody, thrashed, quorn mince wrapped in cling film. Do it now for the safety of our children!"
El Bastardos Rock Star - 05 March 2003

From the fans

"Not sure I dare playing any of the songs at work..."
Sam - 05 March 2003

"Soon the EBGS will be crowned (as they should be), rightfully kings and get their long time coveted dog of cheese"
Ben The Gibbon - 06 March 2003

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